Motivational Speaking


  • I Am Not Broken: Not Just Awareness, But Acceptance
  • What's Your Excuse: Creating Motivation in a Business
  • Bring Us Aboard: Training for Employers and the Autism Community
  • Getting Real: The Emotional Side of Autism

Learning Goals

During and after Sam speaks, listeners will:

  • Understand how those on the spectrum see things in a unique way
  • See that an ability (not dis-) should never get in the way of one's dreams and goals
  • Grasp the emotional side of autism Showcase “abilities” and skills those on the spectrum have
  • Recognize the importance of inclusion and acceptance of all human beings
  • Appreciate the differences that lie in all of us
  • Show that nothing should get in the way of one's motivation, goals, and dreams
  • Release the negative stigma around autism that often exists in society
  • Incorporate kindness in actions each day Discover that "normal" does not exist
  • Prices vary depending on travel time. Virtual events are a possibility too.

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