Motivational Speaking


  • I Am Not Broken: Not Just Awareness, But Acceptance
  • What's Your Excuse: Creating Motivation in a Business
  • Bring Us Aboard: Training for Employers and the Autism Community
  • Getting Real: The Emotional Side of Autism
Sam stands before an event marqueue with his name on it. He smiles proudly.Sam and Gina hug and smile at the camera.Sam stands in the middle of a full gymnasium, speaking into a microphone to a crowd of teenagers.Sam stands at a podium, speaking to a crowd of listeners in a dining hall.Sam reaches up into the bleachers to touch the hand of a fan. The fan smiles broadly.Sam stands with Dr. Temple Grandin. His hand rests on Dr. Grandin's shoulder.Sam signs an autograph for a smiling fan.

Learning Goals

During and after Sam speaks, listeners will:

  • Understand how those on the spectrum see things in a unique way
  • See that an ability (not dis-) should never get in the way of one's dreams and goals
  • Grasp the emotional side of autism Showcase “abilities” and skills those on the spectrum have
  • Recognize the importance of inclusion and acceptance of all human beings
  • Appreciate the differences that lie in all of us
  • Show that nothing should get in the way of one's motivation, goals, and dreams
  • Release the negative stigma around autism that often exists in society
  • Incorporate kindness in actions each day Discover that "normal" does not exist
  • Prices vary depending on travel time. Virtual events are a possibility too.

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