Our Team

Sam Mitchell

Creator, owner, host, voice, editor, & Executive Director of Autism Rocks and Rolls Corporation

A photo of Sam Mitchell. He's wearing a suit and has a recording microphone and headset.

Along with his NonProfit, Sam is a 19-year-old young man who is in college, majoring in media and entrepreneurship. He found his niche and love in podcasting in high school when he joined his high school's media club. Podcasting became his passion and he started his own, Autism Rocks and Rolls. What started out as a hobby soon got the world's attention. Sam now wants to change the perspective of autism, destigmatizing the negativity that often surrounds this type of brain wiring. Sam is using his platform to first and foremost, help those on the spectrum or anyone that feels as though they do not belong because they simply feel "different." Sam wants to reach parents who might be terrified because their child was diagnosed with autism, someone on the spectrum that feels lost, a business owner that wants to bring motivation to his or her company, teachers that want to understand the emotional side of autism for their students, and anyone that needs something to feel good about themselves. Sam tells his story through motivational speaking. He also is building his business by asking more sponsors to jump aboard and offering several services. His favorite pastimes are well, podcasting. He also loves dogs, spending time outdoors, spending time with his family, creative writing, blogging, zip lining, traveling, and watching WWE.

Gina Mitchell

President of Autism Rocks and Rolls Corporation, Sam's mom & #1 fan, manager, marketing, networking, and teacher by trade

A photo of Gina Mitchell and Sam, both smiling.

Gina has been Sam's #1 fan since birth, but especially since Sam has spread his wings and shown the world what he's got. She is currently a teacher of 8th grade students and has a Bachelor's degree in English/Social Studies Education, a Master's degree in Education, and a Gifted and Talented Education degree. She is currently back in college working on degrees in Instructional Technology and Educational Design. Gina has been a teacher for 17-years and still is. However, her second job is working at Autism Rocks and Rolls Corporation with Sam. When Sam's life mission became helping others, it became hers too. Gina's ultimate goal is to help Sam with his NonProfit and advocacy work full-time. Her favorite pastimes are listening to crime and detective podcasts, music and crazy dancing with her family and students, leisurely swimming, reading books, building Websites, traveling, meeting new people, playing with her dogs, and shopping for bargains.