Autism Rocks and Rolls 501(c)(3) Non-Profit

Our Mission

The mission of Autism Rocks and Rolls is to take the stigma off of autism and other conditions that many think are disabilities. People on the spectrum are not broken and do not need to be fixed. Those who have conditions or abilities do not want to be pitied. There is nothing to pity. Every human being, even one that society deems low functioning, has something to offer. We believe all successes should be celebrated. Our goal is to show the world that instead of excluding, stereotyping, and making assumptions, all humans must accept, see, and tap into abilities rather than pointing out what people cannot do.

Our Board

Sam and Gina standing with the Board of Directors in front of a tree.

Steve Jascewsky, President

A photo of Steve Jascewsky, President and Sam's very first sponsor, in a suit and tie.

Steve is proud to serve on the Board of Autism Rocks and Rolls and Wellsprings Pain Solution was Sam's first sponsor. Born in Chicago, Steve graduated from Indiana University in 1999 with a degree in Criminal Justice. He went on to a short career in banking for 6 years and has been in healthcare ever since. He is now CFO of a multi specialty clinic serving 5 different markets in South Central Indiana. For his entire life, Steve has been devoted to the service of others especially those in the not for profit sector. He has served in numerous volunteering and fund raising roles in his time, most notably serving two 6 year terms at Girls Inc of Monroe County.

Ryan J. Bruce, Vice-President

A photo of Ryan J. Bruce, Vice President, smiling.

Ryan is the Board President of KISJ Community Media and the Director of 2182 Recording Company. From 2008 to 2018, Bruce served as the Executive Director of The Bisbee Radio Project and began his career more than 22 years ago at WFHB Community Radio in Bloomington, Indiana followed by a number of years on Capitol Hill working on legal and policy directives at the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, which represents more than 400 community radio stations across the country. He assisted in the coordination and convergence of the first Latino and Native American community radio conferences. Mr. Bruce also served six years on Arizona Humanities board of directors including the last two as Board President (2018-2019). Bruce is responsible for the creation of the KBRP Youth Media Project, Borderlands Community Media Foundation, and Copper Chronicle Radio Program. He is always looking for your unused books, vinyl, and instruments!

Kelli Gray

A photo of Kelli Gray leaning on a counter and smiling.

Kelli is from Bloomington. She and her husband are proud parents to four children. She enjoyed being the Family Liaison Key Spouse for her husbands Naval Command while stationed overseas in the United Kingdom. Upon returning to Indiana after supporting her husband in his Naval Career, she began working at Eastern Greene schools. She met Sam when he was in preschool. It has been a joy watching Sam grow up and spreading his wings with Austism Rocks and Rolls.

Angel Sherer, Treasurer

A photo of Angel Sherer

Angel has been a family friend for a very long time. She is currently administrative assistant and office manager at Stephen Miller Tax Service in Bloomington, Indiana. Angel has an Associate's degree in Accounting from Indiana Business College

Joe Pursell, Board member and designer

A photo of Joe Pursell, Board member and designer, standing with crossed arms and a plaid shirt.

Joe Pursell is not only Sam's grandfather, but he is also another huge fan of Sam's work and of Sam as a human being. Joe has spent his life being a manager in various jobs and has a natural talent in art. He is Autism Rocks and Rolls designer, creating images for shirts, flyers, and other merchandise.